Services: Structural Analysis

 P-SEC uses a variety of software programs including tnxTower by Tower Numerics,  TSTower by TowerSoft, Inc, and RISA 3-D by RISA Technologies to assist in the completion of its tower and mount structural analyses. These software programs are industry standards for the structural analyses of towers and have been created to support the relevant American Standards ANSI/TIA/EIA 222-F-1996 and ANSI/TIA 222-G-2005 and the Canadian Standard CSA S37-13.  P-SEC has members serving on both the TIA 222 and the CSA S37 Committees, which provides us an opportunity to stay up to date on proposed Standard revisions as well as actively contribute our years of tower engineering knowledge.

A structural analysis is required whenever you change the loading on a tower or if you want to determine if your tower meets current Standards.  P-SEC's staff review the original tower and foundation design, geotechnical information, site photographs, windspeed data, the current and proposed loading, any previous reinforcement information, and any local or State/Provincial-Specic Building code requirements to ensure appropriate data is inputed into the tower model.  A detailed engineering review is always performed on the output of the software to ensure accuracy.  Relevant output from the software programs, details on each load case including the stress identified on the legs, bracing and foundation, and any assumptions used in the structural analyses are provided in the Structural Analysis Report.  If the Structural Analysis fails, P-SEC estimates the cost to reinforce the tower and offers pricing to design the reinforcement at the time of report completion.