Staff Bios 

P-SEC Management Team

Martin Piercey, PE, P.Eng., M.B.A., President

Martin graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) Degree in 1995 and a Masters in Business Administration Degree in 2000 from Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Martin brings over 22 years of solid professional engineering experience in all areas of tower design and refurbishment in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA 222 and CSA S37 Standards.  Throughout his career, Martin has performed in excess of 1,500 site inspections and sealed thousands of tower structures.  Martin is licensed to practice in 8 provinces in Canada and in 47 states in the United States, including California.  Prior to incorporating P-SEC in 2005, Martin worked six years for a tower manufacturing company both as a design engineer and as a product design manager where he designed new towers more cost effectively and created a full line of structural ‘off-the-shelf’ tower appurtenances and universal reinforcing components for monopole, self-supporting and guyed structures.  During his previous four years, he worked for a tower consulting firm where he primarily worked on site inspections and structural analyses. Martin has also been a member of the TR-14 commitee for the ANSI TIA-222 Standard since 2012, and is currently participating in the development of a TIA white paper for Mount Analysis in the United States that will be mandatory as part of the ANSI TIA 222-H Standard once it is released.

Iain Harrison, PE, P.Eng., Vice-President

Iain Harrison graduated with a civil engineering degree in 1997 from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.  Iain is a licensed professional engineer in eight provinces and territories across Canada and in the State of Michigan. Iain developed his tower engineering skills over six years at a consulting engineering firm, where he was last employed as the V.P. of Engineering.  He has extensive experience in the design, analysis and inspection of towers to ANSI/TIA/EIA 222 and CSA S37 Standards.  Iain has designed and analyzed towers of various types and construction, including steel, aluminum, timber and concrete.  His innovative approach to tower reinforcing has saved clients thousands of dollars in cost and countless man-hours in installation.  His tower designs and analyses cover most of North America, including Mexico.  Iain has inspected over 1,000 towers (up to 2,000 ft. in height) across Canada and the United States. Iain is a member of CSA's S37 Technical Commitee and serves on STAC's Workplace H&S and the Engineering Guidelines and Practices Committees.  Iain is participating in the development of Canada's first Climber Training Guidelines.

Jeanne Piercey, M.A.Sc., PE, Secretary-Treasurer

Jeanne graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree (Chemistry) in 1996 and a Masters in Applied Science (Environmental Engineering) Degree in 1997 from Memorial University in Newfoundland.  Jeanne began her career working as an environment officer and moved on to join a consulting engineering firm in1999 where she supporting her clients performing their environmental due diligence (Phase I and 2 Environmental Engineering) and litigation support.  Jeanne commenced supporting P-SEC in 2005 and moved to the business full-time in 2011.  Jeanne is a licensed professional engineer in Michigan.  Jeanne has over 20 years of engineering and management experience.  Jeanne manages the day to day operations of the business including all areas of accounting, licensing, human resources and safety.  Jeanne is a NATE WIN Ambassador and serves on the NATE Member Services Subcommittee and NATE's Women of NATE.  In Canada, Jeanne is a member of STAC's Workplace H&S Committee and chairs the new Women of STAC committee.

Michael Morgan, P.Eng., PE, Senior Engineer, Owner

Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Civil Engineering) in 1986 from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario.  Michael is a licensed professional engineer in 8 provinces across Canada and in the State of Texas and has over 30 years of engineering experience, with the last 20 years being focused in tower engineering.  Michael has worked for consulting and manufacturing/construction firms, both domestically and internationally, in the design, detailing, construction support and inspection of telecommunication structures.  He has prepared numerous new tower designs while in the tower manufacturing industry and has performed and reviewed thousands of tower analyses and tower reinforcement designs, while managing groups of engineers in both the consulting and manufacturing sides of the industry.  Michael was and continues to be the lead engineer in the development, design, detailing and construction of the recent Bell Mobility Monopine communication towers throughout Ontario.  Michael is a certified Fall Protection Engineer and is participating in STAC Engineering Guidelines and Practices Committee.  One of the projects that Michael is currently working on for this Committee is for addressing Anchor Shaft Corrosion in Canada. 

Alex Williams, B.Eng., P.Eng., PE, Senior Engineer, Owner

Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering) in 2004 from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Alex is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario and in the State of Michigan and has over 12 years of tower engineering experience. Right after graduating from university, Alex worked for a consulting engineering firm where he focused on the design, analyses and structural reports for towers. Alex also inspected many communication towers, some reaching up to 1,000 ft. in height.  Right before working at P-SEC, Alex also worked as an engineer at Alan Armstrong Associate’s Ltd., in Barbados. On a day to day basis, Alex is engineering field inspections, drawings, reports and structural analysis to CSA S37 Standards. Alex also trains junior engineers for field inspections and reporting.

Shawn Hoffmeyer, B.Eng., P.Eng., PE, Senior Engineer, Owner

Shawn graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering and Society (Civil Engineering) in 2007 from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. In 2011, Shawn also received a Bachelor of Education, Intermediate/Senior Physics and Geography from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. Shawn is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario, as well 23 states in the United States. Shawn has over 9 years of engineering experience, as well extensive experience in the design, analysis and inspection of towers to ANSI/TIA/EIA 222 and CSA S37 Standards. In his 8 years of experience, Shawn has prepared structural analysis of new & existing lattice communication towers, rooftop analysis reviews on antenna mounting structures, over 1000 detailed engineering field inspections and trained and mentored many junior engineers. Prior to working for P-SEC, Shawn worked for Sobotec Ltd. Architectural Wall Systems in Hamilton, Ontario, where he primarily reviewed and approved design drawing’s to incorporate a standard entrance element design for Nissan dealerships along the west coast of the United States and Canada. Shawn also prepared cost estimates for architectural wall systems and scheduled delivery and installation for new Subaru dealerships across Canada.